Wellington Resort

Timeshare Opportunity

For those who live to go on vacation, owning an interval at Wellington Resort is a wise investment. With the knowledge that your residence will be maintained and managed in a meticulous fashion, you can choose to stay at Wellington each year or lease your interval earning revenue or easily exchange your time and travel to nearly 1000 vacation ownership locations worldwide.

With our world-class amenities, there really is no need to leave our hide-away vacation resort.

There are 51 suites in the association. Each suite has an “A” side and a “B” side. The “A” side has a master bedroom suite with jacuzzi style bathtub, kitchen facilities, living and dining areas, fireplace and deck. The “B” side has one bedroom and bath.

An owner has the option to use the entire suite (A and B), lease a one-bedroom suite (“A”), use “B” (or vice-versa) or lease a 2-bedroom suite (“A” and “B”).

Owners may also wish to exchange their vacation ownership interval. Wellington is affiliated with two exchange companies: RCI and Interval International. Both companies offer exchanges worldwide.

Flex-intervals available
Prices for intervals begin at $1500
Blue Time: Nov-March
White Time: April

Fixed-intervals available
Prices for intervals begin at $3500
Red Time: May-October

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